Orange Scented Poached Pears


I came across Big Girls Small Kitchen’s poached pear recipe during the holidays and filed it away for later use.  Last week, thanks to Frank and his love of picking up pears by their stems and flinging them off the counter, the pears I had intended for raw snacking suddenly lost their appeal.  Two rounds of thudding on the floor had all but pulverized their plump bottoms.

Rather than using peeled and cored halves, I left the skins intact, sliced off the bruised bottoms, and cut them into manageable spears of various shapes and sizes.  Per BGSK’s instructions (I scaled down their recipe), I brought 1 cup of water to a boil with 1/3 cup sugar and a heaping tablespoon of honey (using a bit less sweetener than they recommend).  Once boiling, the pears and the zest of half an orange were added.  The pears simmered for 6-8 minutes, until tender.  I then added 3/4 teaspoon vanilla and a generous tablespoon of lemon juice.

Meanwhile, I placed half a cinnamon stick in a clean glass jar.  Once the pears were tender and the vanilla and lemon juice incorporated, I poured the entire mixture into the jar and sealed it.  The jar is then brought to room temperature before being placed in the fridge for long-term storage.  BGSK doesn’t give an expiration date but I’d say they keep for upwards of ten days, as ours are nearing the two-week mark and still taste delicious.

Fresh, warming, sweet but not overkill, these poached pears make for an easy, comforting indulgence any day of the week.  Served atop Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream and I do believe you have perfection.

Recipe adapted from Big Girls Small Kitchen.

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