Chewy Lemon Cookies


Some people are citrus dessert people.  I am not one of those people.  My dessert doesn’t need to involve chocolate (and often I rather it didn’t), but citrus desserts aren’t my thing.  The one-two punch of concentrated (often faux) citrus flavor and cloying sweetness used to mask the overzealous tartness is a turn-off for me.  I like citrus, but there are very few desserts that I feel accommodate and showcase citrus well.

Enter these cookies by Jessica of How Sweet It Is.  Bright, citrusy, and the perfect balance of tartness to sweetness.  No over the top lemon concentration or hurt-your-teeth sweetness.  Just a delightful cookie that couldn’t be more delicious.  Lemony, chewy perfection.

It’s probably best for you to go directly to the source for the recipe.  Jessica knows best.  As per usual, I made a few tweaks: I used the zest from two Meyer lemons and the juice from one.  I didn’t feel the batter was lemony enough so I added the zest from a standard lemon as well.  I omitted the extract altogether.  I found they were perfectly lemony for my tastes, but again, not a huge citrus dessert fan.  Based on the comments on Jessica’s site, there are people out there who REALLY like strong lemon flavor and added even more than she did.  As for the landlord and I, they were perfect as is.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Recipe via How Sweet It is.

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