So, I have news.  I got a new job!  A BIG job.  One that is my dream come true (in all of my wildest dreams).  I said “hi, this is Meg Smith from [enter company name]…” on the phone the other day and nearly did a cartwheel on the spot.  It’s pretty amazing.  And surreal.

So I’m here to say the blog will be put on temporary hiatus.  Not forever, but for the foreseeable future.  Until I can get a better handle on my new life and schedule and find myself with enough time to bake and blog again.  It might be a few weeks or months, but I’ll be back.

Ironically enough, it’s my blog’s third birthday today.  To the day.  Fitting, I suppose.

I leave you with an updated Currently page, a promise to return, and two adorable gremlins to hold you over for the time being.  Little weasels.  They’re probably scheming who will do the poop smearing next.

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